Oct 1, 2013

YA Meets Kimchi

After I turned SO CLOSE TO YOU into a Kdrama, it started up a pretty awesome blog series called YA Meets Kimchi, where 4 other (amazing, Kdrama loving!) bloggers and I take turns casting our favorite YA books as Kdramas. Here are the posts so far:

DELIRIUM cast by Laura J Moss

LOLA & THE BOY NEXT DOOR cast by Katie M Stout

JELLICOE ROAD cast by Corey Wright

THE DISTANCE BETWEEN US cast by Christina at A Reader of Fictions

Now it's back to me, and this time I'm casting one of my absolute favorite YA novels - IF I STAY by Gayle Forman:

Kdrama version:

Cello prodigy Park Mi-Na has a bright future in front of her. Her family is supportive, her friends are loyal, and she's found love with rocker musician Lee Kang-Bae. But then a fatal car accident rips everything away, leaving her in a coma. Now her spirit is left wandering, forced to decide if she wants to live or die - and if the love she has left is enough to keep going.


Jo Bo-Ah as Park Mi-Na (Mia Hall)

Kim Woo-Bin as Lee Kang-Bae (Adam Wilde) 

Shin So-Yul as Bak Su-Yung (Kim Schein) 

Wang Seok-Hyeon as Park Ji-Min (Teddy Hall)

Cha Seung-won as Park Ha-Joon (Denny Hall)

Chae Jung-Ahn as Mae Hee-Jin (Kat Hall)

If I Stay premieres Mondays and Tuesdays this fall on tvN.