Sep 9, 2013

YA Books I've Read Lately...

...That I loved.

This. Book. I get that everyone else is freaking out about it too, and that maybe I'm even a little late to the party. BUT SO WHAT. It is not often that I read a love story that feels fresh and new and exciting and oh so lovely, and ELEANOR & PARK nailed it. I believe in this love. I want this love to span generations. In my head Eleanor and Park are two real people living somewhere right now with a bunch of kids and never-ending happiness. I seriously don't want to live in a world where that's not true. I also think this book has helped me as a writer - it's reminding me how much I love writing & reading characters who feel real. Complicated and honest without perfect faces and bodies. These characters turn each other's flaws into positives, into things that make them long for one another. I want to bring that quality to my  own writing.

Also, this quote from John Green kills me: "ELEANOR & PARK reminded me not just what it’s like to be young and in love with a girl, but also what it’s like to be young and in love with a book.

I gave this book a shot because of Julie Murphy (author of the upcoming Side Effects May Vary), and I'm super glad I did...despite the subject matter. Because this book is very incesty. Like, a lot of brother-sister-making out action. I went into it never believing I could be on board, and by the end I was like OH GOD WHY CAN'T THEY JUST LOVE EACH OTHER ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS DESERVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE OUT.

I get that this won't be everyone's cup of tea. I have no brother, so therefore I did not have to picture making out with a sibling while reading this. But I'm telling you - somehow Suzuma makes you think this is okay. And not just okay, but really romantic and believable and destined. That is no easy feat, which is why you should definitely give this book a shot. Also, the writing is beautiful, the characters are realistic, and the whole thing just sucks you in from beginning to end.

Someone on twitter recommended Webber to me (I can't remember who) when I was looking for a new self-pub author to obsess over. Because guys, I LOVE a good self-pubbed book. I think there are a lot of great benefits to traditional publishing, but self-publishing is so cool, innovative, and changing the way we buy/look at books. That is a whole blog post for another day, but the point is that when I find a self-pubbed author who can write his or her brains out, I am ALL OVER IT.

Tammara Webber more than fits the bill. I haven't read EASY (her most popular), but I read these two - the first in a series about teens who are actors. Everyone knows that actor/Hollywood based romances are the best. It's a fact. And these ones are particularly good. Emma - the heroine - is likeable with layers. Her love interest is hot and broody without being a stereotype. I adore these two books. I seriously read them in a day and a half. 

Are you guys reading any good YA's lately? There's a bunch more I want to read soon, including THE COLDEST GIRL IN COLDTOWN & SEPTEMBER GIRLS.


On another note, I updated my News/Events page as I have a few things coming up in the fall. I got involved with this VERY cool writer's group in Burlington called the Renegade Writers' Collective. I'm teaching some YA classes for them in the Burlington Vermont area, and this Saturday (tomorrow!) I'm reading at Radio Bean at 7 as part of the Lit Pub Crawl. This is only for older readers/peeps, but if you're in the Burlington area, then you should check it out!